We offer a variety of services, so as best to fit the needs of every client. Every program we offer is designed, instructed, and lead by an industry professional. So regardless of what offering fits you best, you know you are in capable hands.


crossfit class

The class that built our foundation. CrossFit is a group-based fitness class focusing on weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and gymnastics. Our coaches are specialists in catering the workout to the needs an abilities of any client. The true magic of CrossFit is the fun atmosphere of the community coming together daily. Members of all ages come together during our 60 minute sessions.

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private/individualized training

For those who wish to target a certain goal, or just desire the enhanced experience of working directly with a professional, we offer both private and individualized training. You will build a unique relationship with your coach from the initial consult that will continue through your entire time with us. Our coaches have experience with every type of client, from national level weightlifters to those of us working out for the very first time.


nutritional coaching

Every coach will tell you nutrition is the cornerstone of fitness, however it is a confusing topic with a plethora of misinformation. Our coaches are certified specialists in nutrition who benefit their clients by educating them constantly to demystify nutrition. We are excited to help clients with goals including: losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and just flat-out feeling better!